Your Designs Are Crop Graphic Design T Shirt

Color: Heather Charcoal


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Our Artist's T Shirts Will Leave Other Designers Green With Envy

Shop artist's t shirts at Dodo Tees, where we celebrate the fails and flubs of graphic design with a hearty laugh and a pointed finger! Ah, the world of design—where for every stroke of genius, there's a cacophony of "What the Helvetica?" moments. Enter the Your Designs Are Crop Graphic Designer Tshirt, a wearable cheeky commentary for all those times you've facepalmed harder than a mime at a glass wall convention.

Let's be real, not everyone with a design suite is destined to be the maestros of the mouse pad, or the sultans of the stylus. But they have the power to click away nonetheless. With our graphic t-shirts for artists, at least you can wear your discerning taste (or distaste) with pride. 

So, you're a Creative Director/Art Director/UX/UI/Gluten Free Web Designer/Tea guru with an eye for the ironic? Splendid. Our typography t shirts are the billboard for your brilliance and the picket sign for your pet peeves you carry on your back in the design battlefield.

And because we know the struggle, we ship these tees faster than a rushed deadline, right to your doorstep across the continental United States for free. Best of all, when you buy any three Dodo Tees, the fourth's on us. Mix and match between sarcastic t-shirts, funny shirts, and other genres.

Available in Heather Charcoal, sizes S to 3XL. Our tees are a trifecta of comfort, commentary, and style—because while trends may come and go, a well-timed jab at design disasters is timeless.

Premium Graphic Designer Tshirts

Welcome to the Dodo Tees tshirt store, where the ink flows as freely as the coffee in a design studio! Our graphic designer tshirts are buttery soft and feature original designs printed with high-quality inks. Our shirts are side-seamed for a modern fit. It's the tee you'll fish out of the laundry because, let's face it, it's your top-tier pick.

Get A Free Typography T Shirt

At Dodo Tees, we're like that best friend who always has a surprise up their sleeve. Buy any 3 women's or men's graphic t-shirts and the 4th one's on us! Mix your cart with typography t shirts, sarcastic t shirts, offensive t shirts, funny t shirts, or any other genre. Remember, to snag this deal, they've all got to to be purchased at the same time and travel together to the same stylish abode.

Creative Gifts For Designers

Are you looking for gifts for designers, art director gifts or weird gift ideas? Look no further than Dodo Tees. Our graphic t shirts for artists are the perfect blend of humor and style, making them the ideal choice for those who appreciate a little quirkiness alongside their quality wearables. Whether it's the Your Designs Are Crop tee that playfully teases the trials and tribulations of the design process or one of our many other unique prints, there's something here to bring a smile to even the most discerning creative's face. Our tees aren't just gifts; they're conversation starters, wardrobe staples, and a badge of honor for anyone who's ever faced the dreaded 'client feedback' session. Give the gift of laughter and a tip of the hat to their design prowess with a Dodo Tee.

No Guesswork Needed With Our Sarcastic T Shirts Sizing Chart

If the thought of picking the right size makes you dizzy, fear not! Our unique t-shirts for men and women are true to size and preshrunk for that perfect fit post-wash. For a fit that's just right, peek at our sizing chart. Love a little extra room? Size up and breathe easy. Our artists t shirts and sarcastic t shirts offer that supreme fit—think of them as your wardrobe's superhero suit.

Enjoy Free Shipping On All Our Cool T Shirts

Every one of our cool t shirts enjoys the VIP treatment with free shipping across the continental US. Got a cousin in Canada or a mate in Melbourne? We've got the global game covered, sending our novelty tshirt joy far and wide, with a keen eye on keeping those shipping costs lean.

Shop With Confidence With Dodo Tees Novelty Tshirt 30-Day Guarantee

Our graphic t shirts for men and women come with a 30-day-no-questions-asked promise. If the Your Designs Are Crop novelty tshirt doesn't make your heart sing, send it back clean and unworn. You handle the return postage, and we handle the rest because our tshirt store is all about making your tee dreams come true—no ifs, ands, or buts!

Buy Any 3 Graphic Tees and Get the 4th Shirt FREE!

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