Dodo Tees Shipping

Getting Your Graphic Tees, Fast!

We know you're excited to rock your new Dodo Tees gear. We are excited for you! But first, the lawyers told us that we need to make a few points easy to understand. So here we go.  

How's Shipping Work? Let's Break it Down

  • Free Shipping in the Continental US: Hey, who doesn't love free shipping? We got you covered within the continental United States –no minimum order needed!

  • Speedy Processing: We're like shipping ninjas! Most orders zoom out of our warehouse within 2 business days (that's Monday to Friday).

  • Holidays Get Hectic: Just a heads up, things get a bit out of control around major holidays (November 27-December 23). Plan ahead for those gift-giving times!

Delivery Times (And a Bit of Fine Print)

  • Business Days are Key: We ship Monday - Friday, holidays don't count towards delivery time.

  • Weekend Orders: Anything ordered after 9 AM on Friday ships out the following Monday.

  • We Ship, They Deliver: Once your package is in the hands of the shipping carrier, it's up to them. We're not responsible for delays on their end.

International Orders: A Note on Import Taxes

Our unique shirts for men and women have been shipped to every corner of the globe. Many times to places we have never eaven heard of (Maybe we should have paid more attention geography class and less time drawing fighter jets shooting down giant lizard creatures?) Either way, it seems that folks everywhere appreciate a great tee!

  • Worldwide Shipping: We do our best to keep the shipping costs low. 
  • Your Country's Rules: Import taxes might apply depending on where you live. These aren't included in our shipping costs, and you'd need to pay them separately to receive your package.

  • Playing by the Rules: We can't alter invoice information to try and avoid taxes – that's a no-no.

Where's My Stuff? Tracking to the Rescue

  • International Orders: You'll get a tracking number emailed to you. Use it to stalk your package and see when it'll arrive!
Got Questions? Hit us up at We're happy to help!

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