Wednesdays Shirt

Color: Black


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Unleash The Night With A Wednesday's Shirt

Shop Wednesdays shirts at Dodo Tees. The Wednesday's Old Fashioned Hamboogers shirt is a cryptic concoction that interweaves the gloom of the brooding goth girl with the zesty flair of fast-food escapades. This bewitching black attire is not merely a funny halloween shirt for men but a whisper of the dark humor that lurks within the folds of buttery soft fabric.

With a garment as versatile as a spellbook, this  funny t shirt is an essential piece of any dark-hearted wardrobe. Whether you're skulking through the hallowed halls of a forgotten academy or prowling the streets in search of nocturnal sustenance, this tv show merch will be the armor for your morbidly merry escapades.

Dodo Tees' scary movie t-shirts are a cloak of comfort, side-seamed to trace the contours of your form, creating an ethereal silhouette that dances in the candlelight. Our pop culture shirts are crafted with inks as enduring as a vampire's legacy, ensuring that the distressed design remains as timeless as the legends that inspire them.

For those who love tv show merch, this is your beacon. Our tv show t shirts are an homage to the mirth that lurks within the macabre. Think of us as your Wednesday shop and summon forth 4 graphic tees for the price of three. 

Television t-shirts are available in sizes S-3XL.

This Funny Halloween Shirt For Men Is The Uniform Of The Unearthly

Delve into the night with the funny halloween shirt for men that binds premium craftsmanship with an eerie allure. The distressed inks, resolute against the trials of time and tide, ensure that your dark humor shines through night after night. The soft fabric molds to your mortal coil, side-seamed to trace every contour with a tailor's grace. The Wednesday's Shirt is a garment spun from the whispers of shadows, offering a fit that whispers secrets of the night.

A Free Television T-Shirt Awaits You

With every trio of television t-shirt designs summoned from Dodo Tees, a fourth apparition materializes at no extra charge. All graphic tees must be conjured together and dispatched to a singular domicile. Mix and match between pop culture shirts and funny t shirt collections, and and all of our other designs.

Wednesday Things For Your Stocking Stuffers For Men

The Wednesdays Shirt is not just a garment; it's the perfect stocking stuffer for men with a penchant for the peculiar, an ideal tv show merch item. It is the essence of Wednesday things, a treasure for those who delight in white elephant gifts or seek the most haunted of Halloween gifts.

Choose Your TV Show T Shirts Size

To cloak yourself in the perfect movie t-shirts, consult our sizing grimoire to identify which vestment will honor your mortal shell. With sizes true and pre-shrunk, from S to 3XL, our tv show t shirts are a tapestry that will drape over your form with an eldritch elegance. For those who prefer to wander the night in looser attire, fear not the specter of sizing up. Our funny t shirts are a symphony of comfort and durability, styled in the visage of the Wednesday shop.

Let Scary Movie T-Shirts Materialize At Your Doorsteps Free of Shipping Charges

Our Scary Movie T-Shirts arrive on spectral wings with Free Shipping across the continental United States, with no minimum order size. And for our friends in far-off lands, we strive to shipping cost for our pop culture shirts as low as the limbo stick at a Halloween party for contortionists.

Embrace The 30-Day Twilight Guarantee On All Graphic T Shirts For Men

Should your graphic t shirts for men not invoke the expected delight, a 30-day-no-questions-asked return policy is your grimoire. The Wednesdays Shirt must remain untouched by earthly toils—unsoiled, unwashed, and unaltered. The cost of return shipping is the buyer’s to bear, a small price for a rendezvous with the ideal Wednesday things.

Buy Any 3 Graphic Tees and Get the 4th Shirt FREE!

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