The Exercist Funny Gym Apparel

Color: Black


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Funny Gym Apparel Features A Hand-Drawn Design

The Exercist Funny Gym Apparel is where dark humor meets the world of fitness. Embrace the sinister charm of our hand-drawn design, as a priest clad in the garb of exorcism commands the iron with unholy strength. These funny gym shirts are not for the faint of heart, drawing inspiration from the chilling visuals of classic American supernatural horror.

Premium Funny Exercise T Shirts

Dodo Tees’ funny exercise t shirts are a proclamation of your sinister side, a nod to the cult classic that whispered horrors in our ears, yet twisted into a humorous declaration of your passion for fitness. These exercise tee shirts are crafted with a dedication to dark aesthetics and comfort, seamed at the sides to trace the natural lines of your body, ensuring that the fit is as flattering as it is comfortable.

The clever gym shirts carry a distressed print that adds to the eerie allure, as if worn through encounters with the paranormal. The artwork is a macabre twist on classic cinema artwork, fusing demonic power with the daily devotion of lifting.

This workout tshirt is a testament to those who find solace in the sweat of their brow and the beat of their heart against the cold steel of gym equipment. It's for those who smirk in the face of darkness, for whom every rep is a ritual, every set a séance. Dodo Tees invites you to wear this emblem of power, a fusion of the sacred, the profane, and the downright physical. Whether you're pushing past your limits or just pushing a joke, The Exercist t-shirts for exercise is your vestment of choice.

The denizens of the deep squat and the bench press beast will find solace and spirit in our weightlifting shirts for guys. Dodo Tees are pre-shrunk, buttery soft and side-seamed for a flattering fit. Our men's clothing graphic tees are easy to move in and insanely comfortable. Perfect for going out on a date or to the gym.

These gym tee shirts transcend mere apparel; they are a tribute to the unholy communion of muscle and macabre. Our men's gym tees are a testament to the tenacity of those who worship at the altar of athleticism.

Get Free Guys Gym Wear

When you conjure any three Dodo Tees from our crypt of collections, the fourth materializes in your wardrobe as if by magic. Mix and match to your heart's delight—or is it your dark heart's content? Choose from our ominous halloween shirts for men to wear your nightmares on your sleeve, or select from our guys gym wear to summon strength and style. Whether it's the spectral chic of our spooky selections or the eldritch elegance of our workout wardrobes, the deal remains the same: the fourth tee joins your coven free of charge.

Mens Gym Apparel Comes With Free Shipping

No need to perform an incantation for free shipping on your mens gym apparel within the continental United States—it's automatically included, as seamless as a ghost passing through walls. And for our acolytes dwelling across the seas, fear not the shipping costs. We work hard to keep the shipping costs as low as the calorie count in a pickle. 

Dodo Tees Are The Ideal Gifts For Gym Lovers

Dodo Tees transcend mere fabric to become cherished totems for those enthralled by the iron and the absurd. They're the ideal gifts for gym lovers, each tee infused with wit and grit, perfect for the fitness enthusiast with a taste for humor. Our tees are the embodiment of ingenuity—clever shirts that not only provoke thought but also evoke a smile, an unexpected twist in a tapestry of cotton. When the chill of December descends, Dodo Tees rise as funny Christmas gifts, wrapping warmth and laughter in one neat package. And for those special trinkets that find their place in the holiday hosiery, our tees unfold as the ultimate stocking stuffers for men—compact surprises that expand into gifts of grand gesture. Whether they're worn for a chuckle on chest day or a snicker on a silent night, Dodo Tees are a gift that keeps on giving, rep after rep, laugh after laugh.

Conjure strength, summon spirits, and face your fitness fears with The Exercist Funny Gym Apparel by Dodo Tees.

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