Stay Asleep Obey Shirts

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Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Stay Asleep Obey Shirts Are A Calling on The Populace To Open Their Eyes Before There Is No World Left To Save

The Stay Asleep Obey Shirts from Dodo Tees, a sartorial emblem for the skeptic, the thinker, the movie nerd who sees beyond the veil. These aren't just any protest clothes; they are a canvas for the disenchanted voices, a wearable critique of the system. Echoing the cult classic vibes, our obey t shirts serve as a reminder of a society sleepwalking into servitude, lured by the lullabies of power and the empty promises of a commercialized age.

Each piece in this line is more than just an item of clothing—it’s a statement of defiance in a world where obedience is the norm. As a standout in the protesting t shirts genre, these shirts take up the mantle from the film, challenging wearers to question reality as it is presented and consider the underlying threads of control.

In every stitch of our dystopian shirts, there is a rebellion against the increasing encroachment of mindless consumerism, against the exploitation of our planet's resources without thought of tomorrow. They serve not just as 80’s movie tees but as a message of awakening—calling on the populace to open their eyes before there is no world left to save.

The original designs of Dodo Tees—crafted with premium inks and materials on soft, preshrunk fabric—ensure that comfort doesn’t compromise the message. Side-seamed for a fit that is both flattering and modern, these awesome graphic tees are for those who are not afraid to wear their dissent on their sleeve, or in this case, across their chest.

Moreover, for those who engage in the craft of giving, what better than a conspiracy theory shirt to spark conversation? These shirts are ideal conspiracy theory gifts for those looking to assemble a conspiracy theory kit—a collection of items for the avid questioner, the passionate debater, the lover of all things enigmatic and speculative.

Wrap yourself in the narratives of retro graphic tees, connecting with the echoes of the past while challenging the narratives of the present. With an invitation to buy any three graphic tees and get the fourth free, Dodo Tees not only adorns you with a critical voice but does so with an offer that speaks to the value we find in our customers.

The Stay Asleep Shirts are a homage to those who choose to remain awake in a somnambulant society, to those who dare to say, "I will not yield.” Available in sizes S-3XL, wear your resistance, wear your awareness, wear Dodo Tees.

Premium Construction Protest Clothes

The obey t shirt is a testament to both defiance and comfort. Crafted with high-end inks and materials, these protest clothes are more than just apparel—they're a statement. The retro graphic tees are side-seamed, ensuring it conforms and complements your natural shape, enhancing the dystopian aesthetic with unparalleled comfort.

Free Conspiracy Theory Shirt

The resistance is better in numbers. Acquire any three of our pop culture shirts, and the fourth - as symbol of defiance - will be yours without cost. It's our way of seeding the rebellion, one conspiracy theory shirt at a time. Just remember that all the graphic tees must be purchased at the same time and shipped to the same address. 

Dystopian Shirts Make Ideal Conspiracy Theory Gifts

In a world where reality is often stranger than fiction, our Stay Asleep dystopian shirts become the quintessential movie gifts. These pieces speak to the nerd gifts lovers, and make great conspiracy theory gifts. Gifting one is not just a gesture, it's an invitation to question deeper.

Dodo Tees Conspiracy Theory Shirts Sizing Chart

In the sea of homogeneity, find the movie t shirts that speak to your soul's dimensions. Our conspiracy theory shirts respect the individual's shape, ensuring that the message never drowns in the fabric. For a canvas that adheres to your form, consult our chart. Our mens graphic tees are a blend of comfort and resilience, echoing the enduring human spirit. These dystopian clothes are your armor in the fight against conformity.

Free Shipping on All Obey Tees

Our obey tees journey across the barren wastelands to your doorstep free of charge within the Continental United States. Should you dwell beyond our borders, know that dystopian shirt designs traverse the globe, with efforts made to keep the shipping costs minimal. Carry the message of the past with our 80’s movie tees, and let them be a beacon through the fog of the ordinary.

Obey Merch Comes With A Guarantee

Our commitment to your expression is absolute. The graphic t shirts for men and women we offer come with a 30-day-no-questions-asked return policy. The obey merch must be returned as pristine as the day it was delivered, untouched by the ravages of time and wear. The buyer pays for the return shipping. 

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