Sarcasm Elements Funny Chemistry Shirts

Color: Heather Charcoal


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Our Funny Chemistry Shirts Are The Perfect Combination Of Comfort And Wit

This funny chemistry shirt is the quintessential wardrobe addition for the man who appreciates the periodic table as much as a well-timed quip. Reading I am Composed of Sarcasm, with the elements of—Sulfur (S), Argon (Ar), Calcium (Ca), and Samarium (Sm)—spelling out sarcasm, this science tshirt is a clever play on the building blocks of humor for those who love a good element pun.

Dodo Tees' are crafted for comfort, made from preshrunk, soft fabric that feels as good as a hug from an old friend. The premium inks and materials used to create our funny shirts ensure that your mens graphic tee is not just a piece of clothing, but a staple of your wardrobe that stands up to repeated washing like a durable lab coat.

Our original designs are tailored to fit the body's natural curves, providing a flattering and modern look that would make any chemistry geek proud. It's not just a novelty t-shirt, it's a nerd t shirt that showcases your love for science and your penchant for humor. And for the discerning shopper, we offer free shipping within the continental United States, because we believe in the joy of receiving your elements shirt without the extra variables of shipping costs.

For those who can't resist the allure of the lab or the call of the conical flask, buying any 3 graphic tees means you'll get a 4th one to add to your collection—on us. It's an offer as enticing as discovering a new element! Available in a range of sizes from S-3XL and in shades that reflect the hues of a well-stocked chemical cabinet: Heather Charcoal, Heather Olive, and Heather Canvas Red.

Whether you're adding to your nerd clothes or selecting gifts for scientists in your life, these tees are sure to be a hit. For the educator who has inspired you and made you laugh, they're the ideal gifts for chemistry teachers, allowing them to wear their passion for the subject matter on their sleeve—quite literally.

When the occasion calls for a geek tshirt that speaks volumes about your intellect and wit, or when you're looking for that perfect nerdy tshirt to complete your ensemble, look no further. Our funny sarcastic t shirts are bound to be a talking point at any gathering, be it a casual meet-up or a conference symposium.

If you're scouring the geek store for crazy tees, this is the find of the day. The sarcasm tshirt is not just apparel; it's a testament to your personality. For those with a love for witty shirts and a keen eye for detail, our periodic table shirts are a must-have.

So go ahead, add a dash of humor to your daily attire with Dodo Tees, and let your shirt be as expressive as a colorful titration experiment. Remember, it's not just clothing; it's a conversation starter, an homage to your passion, and a nod to your humorous side all in one.

The Essential Sarcasm Shirt For Every Chemistry Enthusiast

Experience the perfect fusion of humor and science in our I am Composed of Sarcasm shirt. These are not just any witty shirts; they are a testament to high-caliber craftsmanship with premium inks and materials. Each is side-seamed for a sublime fit, using buttery soft fabric that's kind to your skin. Our aspiration is to fill your closet with such tees – ones that are not just worn, but loved and lived in.

Get A Free Science Tshirt

The elements of style and savings react perfectly at Dodo Tees. Get A Free Shirt when you purchase any 3 women's or men's graphic tees. Mix and match between science tshirts, funny shirts, and any other genre. All tees must be purchased at the same time and sent to the same address.

Gifts For Chemistry Teachers That Mix Education And Humor

Looking for gifts for chemistry teachers? The "I am composed of Sarcasm Elements Shirt" stands as an ideal choice, blending wit with intellect. It's a tribute to educators who turn equations and experiments into exhilarating experiences, inspiring curiosity and knowledge with a touch of humor. This shirt, made from buttery soft heather fabric and meticulously side-seamed to ensure a flattering fit, embodies high quality not just in material but in spirit. It's a nod to the passion of gifts for scientist and a celebration for the educators who make science fun, an emblem of appreciation for those remarkable mentors who ignite minds while wearing their nerd t shirts with pride.

Your Guide To The Perfectly Sized Geek Tshirts

Confused about sizing? Our geek tshirt(s) come with a promise of a true fit. Pre-shrunk and meticulously crafted, our periodic table shirts are structured to drape gracefully over your body, complimenting your natural silhouette. They are designed to embody a tailored appearance without compromising on ease. If a more relaxed fit is your preference, feel free to select a size larger. We cater to all from S to 3XL, ensuring that our nerd clothes are a crossroads of snugness, robustness, and vogue.

Free Shipping Makes Our Nerdy Tshirts Even Cooler

Dodo Tees' nerdy tshirts are shipped for free across the continental United States. And for those who find their abode in distant lands, our crazy tees journey to you with shipping costs kept to a minimum. Because your joy in receiving our product should be as unbounded as your laughter.

Our Elements Shirt Comes With A Solid No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

We stand behind our graphic t shirt for men and women, with a 30-day no questions asked return policy. Should your sarcasm elements shirt not meet your expectation, send it back to the Dodo Tees geek store for a full refund. All that we ask is that the buyer covers the cost for the return shipping.

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