Rowing Crew Bike Funny Engineering T Shirts

Color: Heather Slate


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Science Meets Style With Our Funny Engineering T Shirts 

Our funny engineering t shirts at Dodo Tees are a whirlwind of wit and whimsy, perfect for the tinkerer and thinker! Let's dive into the marvelous world of our crazy shirts, featuring this Rowing Crew Bike patent! Imagine a bicycle that rows, rows, rows its way into your wardrobe—how amusingly ingenious is that?

Crafted with care, our funny t shirts are like a cozy hug after a long day in the lab. The fabric? Oh, it's like the soft whisper of a breeze on a summer's day—preshrunk and ever so gentle on the skin. The inks and materials are the stars of the show, premium and vibrant, just like the lightbulb of an idea flickering to life!

Each Dodo Tee is as unique as a prototype at a world's fair, guaranteed to spark conversations and inspire laughs. And let's talk comfort—each of our graphic t shirts is engineered to perfection, side-seamed for that tailored look that follows your natural silhouette. It's fashion and function meshed together like cogs in a well-oiled machine!

Whether you're looking for mens tees, or even mens gym shirts, we have it all! For those who appreciate the hilarity in innovation, this funny engineering shirt will tickle your fancy. And for the cyclists, our bike t shirts and cycling t shirts are just the gear you need!

But wait, there's more! Are you a fan of rowing crew? Our crew rowing t shirts are sure to make waves. And if you're on the hunt for crazy shirts that double as nerdy tees, you've docked at the right station.

Now, let's not forget the athletes and fitness enthusiasts—our workout shirts are built for endurance, just like the most stalwart of rowers. And for the holiday shoppers, these graphic tees are the ultimate Christmas stocking stuffers for men for those in search of unique gifts for men.

Do you reminisce about the good old days? Our retro graphic tees for men evoke the golden age of innovation and charm. When it's time to infuse your day with laughter, slip into one of our funny shirts, and you'll be the talk of the town. Each mens t shirt is a testament to humor and ingenuity, a true masterpiece of mirth!

Remember, every tee shirt you select from our collection comes with free shipping within the continental United States. Take advantage of our special offer: Buy any three graphic tees and the fourth is on us! Available in heather slate, heather olive, and heather red, with sizes ranging from S to 3XL.

So, gear up, innovators and creators! It's time to add a spark of fun to your wardrobe with our Rowing Crew Bike patent t shirt! Ready, set, invent your style!

Flex Your Funny Bone With Mens Gym Shirts

Buckle up, tinkerers, as we delve into the fabric of innovation with our cycling t shirts! Crafted with high-caliber inks that paint a thousand laughs, these mens gym shirts are no ordinary attire—they're a canvas of comfort! Side-seamed for a superb fit, our crazy shirts boast a soft fabric that's like the gentle caress of a cloud. Ready to fit you like a glove, they're a wearable pat on the back for every budding genius!

Anchor A Deal With Crew Rowing T Shirts

Calling all thrifty thinkers and savvy savers! When you gather any 3 women's or men's graphic t-shirts from our treasure trove, the fourth one's on us! Yes, you heard it right! Mix and match between any of our crew rowing t shirts, funny shirts, and other genres. Just make sure all your fun shirts sail to the same harbor at the same time, and one will join the fleet, free of charge.

Unwrap The Unexpected With Unique Gifts For Men

Ho-ho-ho, what's this tucked in the Christmas stocking? Why, it's our rowing crew bike t shirts, the most splendid Christmas stocking stuffers for men! These tees aren't just clothing; they're unique gifts for men with a zest for life and a love for laughter. Perfect for the jolly joker or the playful engineer in your life!

Measure Up For The Perfect Workout Shirt

Not sure which size fits your blueprint? No worries! Our sizing chart is the compass to your perfect workout shirt. With precision and care, our unique t-shirts for men are designed to trace your form for that flattering, modern look. And for those who prefer a little extra wiggle room, sizing up is as easy as pie. Our nerdy tees and cycling t shirts are the epitome of a stellar fit, blending comfort with enduring style.

Retro Graphic Tees For Men Arrive Without The Shipping Charge

The journey of our retro graphic tees for men to your doorstep is as free as the spirit of invention! Within the continental U.S., there's no charge for delivery, making it a breeze to receive your novelty t shirt. And for our international friends, we keep those shipping costs lean and mean. So, wherever you are, our tee shirts can make the voyage to you, spreading joy and jest worldwide!

Our Nerdy Tees Come With a Peace Of Mind Guarantee

We stand by the mirth and merriment of our tees! That's why all our nerdy tees come with a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy. Just keep the graphic t shirts for men and women in shipshape—unwashed, unworn, and unchanged—and they can sail back to us if they don't tickle your fancy. All you have to do is pay the return shipping. Although we're sure you'll adore them, we've got you covered just in case!

So there you have it, my young friends! From the lab to the wardrobe, the Rowing Crew Bike Funny Engineering T Shirts are a testament to the joy of creation and the art of chuckles. Ready to embark on your fashion expedition with Dodo Tees? Adventure awaits!

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