Magical Mouse Trap Funny Shirt

Color: Red


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Our Sarcastic Tees Pole Vault Over Society's Lines

The Magical Mouse Trap Funny Shirt screams your disdain for cute characters louder than an over-caffeinated auctioneer. Made with buttery soft preshrunk fabric that wraps around your torso like armor in the fight against boring fashion, this cringe t shirt is the antithesis of everything saccharine and wholesome in pop culture. Its side-seamed construction ensures the funny graphic tee follows the natural curves of your body, providing a tailored fit that's as flattering as it is comfortable. Choose from red or white, and find your perfect size from S to 3XL.

At Dodo Tees, we're pole vaulting over society's lines with our sarcastic tees, and the Magical Mouse Trap shirt is our banner in this rebellion. It’s more than just a shirt; it’s a statement. A conversation starter that's guaranteed to evoke reactions and, perhaps, even some cringes. Whether you're after funny tshirts or offensive tees, we've got you covered—literally.

Our mission? To craft funny adult shirts that are the epitome of comfort and the embodiment of your personality. We believe in making pop culture shirts that are original, using only premium inks and materials for a look that lasts.

Take your pick from our range of crazy shirts and fun tees for men that defy the norms. When you buy any three graphic tees, we invite you to pick a fourth one—on us. Because why not expand your wardrobe with tees that shout your style?

With Dodo Tees, shipping is on the house across the continental United States. So whether you’re in the market for vulgar t-shirts, funny offensive shirts or something else that that speaks to your soul, we will always cover the shipping.

Our Magical Mouse Trap shirt—where offensive clothing meets unparalleled comfort, creating a fusion that's as audacious as it is cozy. This is not just clothing; it’s armor for the sartorially brave.

Remember, with Dodo Tees, you're not just wearing a shirt; you're making a statement. A bold one.

Our Premium Cringe T Shirts Are Buttery Soft

Welcome to the dark side of your wardrobe, where high-quality inks and materials come to play, and the buttery soft fabric of our Magical Mouse Trap Funny Shirt is a middle finger to all things twee and cloying. Tailored with side-seamed construction for a fit that's so snug it could be sarcastic, these tees are the armor in your everyday battle against the mundane. Let's face it, when you choose one of our cringe t shirts, crazy shirts, or vulgar t-shirts online, you’re not just picking a tee—you're choosing a path less boring.

Score A Free Tee When You Indulge In Our Pop Culture Shirts

Can't get enough of self-expression that walks the line? Stack up on our graphic tees, and we'll throw in a freebie so you can upset your relatives on more than just holidays. Whether it's funny graphic tees for the days you're feeling particularly devilish, or pop culture shirts that say "I watched the finale of that series and lived to spoil it," to vulgar t-shirts that make a sailor blush, we've got your back. And front. Buy any 3, get the 4th to make your statement heard, fourfold.

Funny Gifts That Keeps On Offending

Finding funny gifts for your sarcastic friends has never been easier. The Magical Mouse Trap shirt is the gift that says "I understand your humor and I would not change a thing." It's the pinnacle of weird gifts that won't just sit in the back of their closet, but rather, get them banned from at least one family gathering. Give the gift of funny offensive shirts and watch your friend become the hero (or anti-hero) they were always meant to be in the sarcastic tees that were made for them.

Offensive Clothing That's Sized To Perfection

Not sure which size of funny tshirts will fit your brand of cynicism? Our size chart is your crystal ball into a world where every tee fits just right. True to size and pre-shrunk, our vulgar t-shirts sidle up to your torso for a look that's more tailored than your tweets. Want to hide the evidence of those extra beers? Size up and relax. We cater to skeptics in sizes S to 3XL because when it comes to offensive clothing, we believe in freedom of choice and a superior fit.

We Ship Offensive Tees For Free

Dodo Tees’ Offensive t shirts come with the luxury of free shipping within the continental U.S. No tricks, no minimums, just us enabling your bad habits. For those living beyond the promised land of free postage, we ship our offensive tees internationally for as little as we can get away with. Because we believe everyone, everywhere deserves the chance to provoke at will.

Our Funny Adult Shirts Come With A No-Strings-Attached Guarantee

We back our graphic t shirts for men and women with a 30-day-no-questions-asked return policy. Got second thoughts about the Mouse Trap funny adult shirts? As long as it hasn't seen the inside of a washing machine or a circle pit, send it back. Keep it pristine, though—like your dark, untouched soul. And yes, you pay for the return shipping, because we both know you love the shirt too much to let it go.

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