Magic Mushroom Mario T Shirt

Color: Black


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Mind Bending Mario T Shirt

This Mario t shirt is for the pixel-pilots and shroom connoisseurs, who want to take the dankest dive into the 8-bit rabbit hole. It’s where our mushroom-munching plumber bros go full Pablo Escobar and end up on a wanted poster straight out of The Kingdom Times.

Picture this: You're chilling, controller in hand, eyes glazed like a donut, and you think, "Man, what if the brothers got nabbed for hoarding not coins, but a king's ransom in magic mushrooms?" That's this shirt, dude! It’s the trippy tshirt you wear when you're blazing through levels or just, well, blazing.

Dodo Tees psychedelic shirts are preshrunk and side-seamed for a tailored fit, tracing the natural contours of your form for a modern look. The fabric’s softer than the clouds in Sky Land, and the ink? Brighter than your bioluminescent dreams on a Saturday night.

In the universe of stoner shirts, this bad boy is like the final boss of cool. It's the loot you get after defeating a horde of responsibilities. And let's talk about scoring – buy three, and get the fourth for nada. Zip. Zero. That's right, it's like finding an extra life in your back pocket.

For you nostalgic head-trippers, this graphic tee is the Power Star of retro gamer shirts. It's not just another video game shirt, it’s a warp pipe to simpler times with a side of tongue-in-cheek humor.

In the groovy world of stoner fashion, this tee is the chronic. It's a throwback to those 80s, a time when arcades were king and the princess was always in another castle. And for those looking to gift something gnarly, this is it – the treasure chest of retro gifts from the 80s that still packs a punch.

Whether you're hitting up your local pop culture shop or just kicking it at home with your buds (pun intended), this wild 80s shirt is a must-have. Available in the most righteous of hues – Black, Heather Charcoal, and Navy – and sizes from S to XL, this shirt is ready to roll with you, no matter where your next quest takes you.

So grab one, grab three, hell, grab a dozen because you never know when you'll need an extra life or a stoner gift for your homie. This isn't just fashion, it’s a statement.

Warp into Style With Our Premium Psychedelic Shirts

Kick back and marvel at the primo craftsmanship of these psychedelic shirts. We’re talkin' side-seamed silhouettes for that snug hug around the bod. The fabric? Softer than your couch during a 4/20 gaming marathon. Plus, with our distressed printing style, each tee is like a high-five from the past. At Dodo Tees, we're all about creating those go-to trippy tshirt(s) that scream 'I'm chillin’ with style.' Our mission is to create your favorite graphic tees. The shirts you reach for every time you open your closet.

Spin-Jump into Savings With Free Shipping on Any of Our Funny T Shirts

Here’s the 411: Buy any three women’s or men’s graphic tees from the Dodo stash, and you’ll score the fourth like a bonus level – totally free! Whether it's retro gamer shirts, funny tee or any other genre, mix and match to create your own epic tee quest.

Chillest Gift For Stoners

If you're on the quest for the ultimate gift for gamers or the chillest stoner gifts that’ll send them to cloud nine, the Magic Mushroom Mario T Shirt from Dodo Tees hits the jackpot. This isn't just a gift; it's a nostalgia-powered, laughter-inducing portal back to the golden age of gaming. It’s the kind of gift for stoners that celebrates originality, with a design so fresh it’ll make you the legend of your local pop culture shop. The tee's killer style and comfy vibes are like wrapping your buddy in a warm embrace. And if you really wanna level up your gifting game, why not grab a 4 pack? That way, they'll have an epic loot box of comfort and retro cool that's sure to be the high score of their wardrobe.

Consult The Sizing Chart To Determine Which Video Game Shirts Are Right For You

Choosing your size of 80s shirt shouldn't be harder than a boss fight. Check our cosmic sizing chart for a fit that’s more on point than a pixel. Our video game shirts come in a side-seamed construction that’ll make you look slicker than a speedrun. And hey, if you’re into a looser vibe to rock out in, just size up – we’ve got all sizes from S to 3XL. These stoner shirts are about comfort and style that lasts longer than your longest gaming session.

Our Gaming Shirts Come With Free Shipping Across The Continental USA

Our 80s shirts come with Free Shipping within the continental United States with no minimum orders! We ship our gaming shirts all over the world. We do our best to keep international shipping costs low.

Rest Easy Knowing That Dodo Tees' Video Magic Mushroom Shirts are Protected by A Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy a 30-day-no-questions-asked return policy on all our graphic t shirts for men and women. Just make sure your Magic Mushroom Shirt hasn’t gone on any unsanctioned adventures (so keep it clean and unwashed).

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