Highboy Hot Rod Roadster Shirt

Color: Heather Olive


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Unleash the Spirit of Speed With Our Roadster Shirt

The Highboy Hot Rod Roadster Shirt by Dodo Tees is the slickest slab of threads this side of the ‘ville. These isn't your garden-variety car shirt, it's a full-throttle fevered dreams capturing the raw, electric essence of the 1950s style. We're talkin' about a roadster t shirt that screams freedom, speed, and Bonneville salt flats shenanigans.

The hot rod shirt is made for those who live to ride low and fast. It's like a declaration of independence, the kind that'll have you crowned king of the hot rod shop. And let us tell ya, this shirt breathes like a 750 CFM carburetor – perfect for when you're hittin' the scene or just cruisin' with your pals.

Dodo Tees' auto apparel is the real McCoy. No dime store duds here. Our fun tees are pre-shrunk and softer than a sweet lullaby. The primo inks and materials we use? Outta sight! And the fit? Like it was tailored by the racing gods themselves, hugging the curves and making any cat look sharp. Wear it to the drive-in or while twistin' wrenches in your garage. And the cherry on top of this sunday of cherries is we designs and print each and every shirt in Detroit, Michigan, home of the Model A. 

If you've got a sidekick who's all about that sleek roadster car lifestyle, then you've hit the jackpot for hot rod gifts for him right here. At Dodo Tees, we're serving up a smorgasbord of automotive apparel that's sure to rev any car enthusiast's engine. Our gifts for car lovers aren't just cool, they're top of the heap, king of the mountain – the ultimate car guy gifts that resonate with the rumble of a V8 heart. Talk about tailored – our cruisin' t-shirts are designed with the connoisseur of motorgear in mind, the cat who puts a premium on craftsmanship and authentic style. These graphic tees are for the aficionados, the die-hards, the ones who hear solid lifters from a mile away. It's more than fabric; it's a flag for those who drive life in the fast lane.

And hey, if you're lookin' to gear up from a hotrod store that knows the ropes, Dodo Tees is the place. The team is stocked full of gear-heads who drive everything from 1965 fast back Mustangs to IMSA Greenwood Corvettes to 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville to Austin Healeys. For the team, this is not just hot rod clothing; it's a lifestyle.

Available in colors that'll make you pop – Heather Olive, Heather Slate, Heather Canvas Red – and sizes from S to 3XL, this original illustration hot rod t shirt is a must-have for any gearhead. And here's the kicker: snag any three Dodo Tees, and the fourth is on the house.

So what are you waitin' for? Get your mitts on our driver apparel and show the world what it means to be chrome plated. From the Bonneville salt flats to the city streets, this shirt is your flag, so fly it high and proud.

And remember, this is not just gear. It's hot rod t shirts with a pedigree.

Premium Car Shirts For the Gearhead

This isn't your everyday car shirt, it's a roadster t shirt that's drenched in the spirit of the '50s grease and gasoline. It's all about the feel, the vibe, the call of the open road. With premium high-quality inks and materials that hug your frame just right, this is the gearhead's dream. The side-seamed fit is so spot-on, you'd swear it was custom made just for you. And the fabric? It's as soft as a velvet Elvis.

Rev Up Your Wardrobe With Free Auto Apparel

Deal alert for all you cats and kittens out there! Grab any three women's or men's graphic tees from Dodo Tees and snag yourself a fourth on the house. You can mix and match to your heart's content – from auto apparel to cruisin' t-shirts. All you gotta do is pick 'em at the same time and ship 'em to the same pad. It's a sweet deal straight from the coolest hot rod shop in town.

Car Guy Gifts That'll Have Your Man Grinnin' Like A Cheshire Cat

Need to find the perfect hot rod gifts for him? Well look no further! When it comes to gifts for car lovers, the Highboy Roadster Shirt is the big kahuna. It's the ace of car guy gifts that'll have him grinnin' like a Cheshire cat in a fish store. This is because our shirts are 110 octane premium fuel for the soul. They feature Dodo Tees original designs and some of the finest prints you will ever have the chance to touch. In other words, this hot rod shirt is designed specifically for the motor-minded man.

The Sizing Chart Will Make Sure Your Automotive Apparel Fits Like A Glove

Not sure if you're a medium or a large? Don't sweat it. The sizing chart is your sherpa to finding the perfect fit. Our automotive apparel is made true to size and pre-shrunk to fit you like a glove. Our motorgear has that side-seamed construction for a silhouette that's as sleek as a Bonneville streamliner. Want it a little roomy? Go ahead and size up, Jack. With sizes from S to 3XL, our hot rod clothing from the hotrod store is the crossroads of style and comfort.

Free Shipping On All Hot Rod T Shirts From Dodo Tees

Get your hot rod t shirt(s) shipped on the house within the continental United States. There’s no need to count your pennies for shipping – we've got it covered. And for our fellow hot rod aficionados across the globe, in places like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Finland, we make sure to keep the costs as low as a Lakester.

Our Highboy Shirt Is Warranty-Backed

Got cold feet? No sweat. There's a 30-day-no-questions-asked return policy on all our graphic t shirts for men and women. Just make sure the Highboy shirt is just like you got it – unworn, unwashed, and ready to roll. Just a heads up, you'll need to cover the postage to send it back our way.

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