Elements Beer Shirt

Color: Green


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

This Beer Shirt Blends Ales and Atoms

The Elements Beer Shirt is a toast to the molecular merriment of life, a wearable catalyst for joy that blends the precision of science with the spirit of a good brew. This isn't just geek clothing; it's a statement, a wearable hypothesis that fun and facts can coexist on the same fabric.

Crafted by the whimsical wizards at Dodo Tees, this piece stands at the intersection of geek t-shirts and beer shirts, featuring the atomic elegance of Beryllium and Erbium. It's the periodic table gone pub-crawling, a nod to those who appreciate the lighter side of the elements.

The funny science t shirts genre has a new front-runner, with this garment proving that a good laugh is just as important as a good Lager. Tailored to fit those with a penchant for pints and particles, it's the ideal garb for nerd shirts enthusiasts who can debate over hops and covalent bonds with equal passion.

Injecting some geek humor into your wardrobe, our funny Chemistry shirts are the proton to your neutron, positively charged to bring out the smiles. For those in the know, those who can discern their ale from their alpha particles, this is the ultimate in gifts for chemists. It’s the kind of geek gifts that resonate with the frequency of your smarty-pants friends, making it a staple in the collective closet of the academically inclined ale admirers.

Whether you're buying a round for the lab or raising a toast to theories, this shirt is the perfect element to complete your ensemble. It's a think geek shirts contender, a fabric tribute to the titration of good taste and good times.

So, don your beer periodic table shirt with pride, and let the world know that your style is as complex and enjoyable as the beer in your beaker. Available in the robust hues of Green and Heather Canvas Red and Heather Charcoal, and in sizes ranging from S to 3XL, this men's Beer T Shirt is ready to accompany you from the barstool to the benchtop.

Celebrate The Lighter Side Of Science In A Beer Infused Periodic Table Shirt

The Dodo Tees periodic table shirt is a blend of superior craftsmanship and a celebration of the lighter side of science. Our funny science t shirts are made with high-end inks and materials, ensuring that each shirt is a premium expression of your personal style. Side-seamed for an excellent fit, our beer shirts are the ones you'll find yourself reaching for time and time again.

The Smartest St. Patricks Day Shirt at the Pub

The Elements Beer T Shirt, emblazoned with Beryllium (Be) and Erbium (Er) from the periodic table, is no ordinary St. Patricks Day Shirt—it's a clever concoction of style and science, a sartorial tribute to the timeless joy of discovery and the camaraderie of a shared pint. Its vibrant green hue captures the essence of St. Paddy's Day, yet transcends the occasion with a wit that keeps it chemically charming throughout the seasons. For those who appreciate a good element joke as much as a perfectly crafted ale, this St. Patricks Day shirt is the quintessential element in the wardrobe equation, flaunting intelligence and humor that never go out of solution. Wear it, and you'll not only be the catalyst of conversation but also demonstrate a style that's as enduring as the atomic structures it celebrates.

The Formula To Getting a Free  Chemistry Shirt Is Simpler than  ΔG° = ΔH° - TΔS°

Unlock the formula for savings with Dodo Tees! Purchase any three women’s or men’s graphic t-shirts and receive the fourth at no cost. Mix and match between funny Chemistry shirts, nerd shirts, and other genres for a wardrobe as diverse as the periodic table.

Geek Gifts That Keep On Giving

For the analytical ale enthusiast in your life, the Elements Shirts are the quintessential gifts for chemists. Our mens tees are not just funny science gifts for adults; they're a tribute to the elemental beauty of the universe (and a good pint). They're the geek gifts that keep on giving, laughter included.

Consult Our Size Chart To Determine Which Geek T Shirts Perfectly Match Your Physique

Our geek t shirts are designed to fit like they were tailored just for you. Consult our size chart to find the perfect match for your physique. Our men's Beer T Shirt is true to size and preshrunk, ensuring a superior fit that compliments your form. For those who prefer a bit more room, sizing up is as easy as a relaxed Sunday at the pub.

Our Funny Science T Shirts Come With Free Shipping

We're proud to dispatch our men's Beer T Shirt with complimentary shipping across the continental United States. The journey of our funny science t shirts isn't confined to the 48 states; they're shipped globally, with efforts to minimize international shipping costs because great style and think geek ethos should have no boundaries.

Beer Elements Shirt Guarantee

We stand behind our graphic t shirts for men and women with a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy on all our products. The Elements Shirt should arrive at your door in perfect condition, ready to wear, and inspire.

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