Chloroform Sleepy Time Offensive T Shirts

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Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Offensive T Shirt Designs That Stir The Pot

The Chloroform Sleepy Time Offensive T Shirt by Dodo Tees comes from the shadowy corners of fashion where dark humor entwines with the mystique of a murder mystery. This isn't just an adult humor shirt; it's a nod to the sinister allure of chloroform, the knockout drug whispered through the annals of crime for its dubious ability to introduce an abrupt darkness with just a waft of a handkerchief.

Crafted for those with a penchant for the macabre, our nsfw clothing whispers tales of nefarious nights and unsolved mysteries. They're sarcastic t shirts for the connoisseurs of chemicals who find a certain charm in the grim dance between predator and prey. A garment soaked in funny medicine for the soul darkly inclined, it's the epitome of dark humor shirts that straddle the thin line between being the life of the party and the death of it.

With a design as unsettling as the history of its muse, our offensive tee shirts for men are not for the timid. They are for those who can appreciate the irony of a funny tshirt dedicated to the most infamous of silencers. The kind of funny adult shirts that would have you laughing at the audacity, even as it sends a shiver down your spine. But worry not; wearing our funny tee shirts won't actually render you unconscious, though it may stun onlookers into a momentary silence, their brains scrambling to connect the dots between humor and horror.

Dodo Tees are a testament to the fine art of humor tees. Our shirts are made from buttery soft preshrunk fabric and side-seamed for a modern fit. These sarcastic tees are crafted with high-grade inks and materials, ensuring each piece not only tickles your dark side but wraps you in unmatched comfort. Our distressed printing style adds an edgy touch, perfectly embodying the spirit of the design. Embrace our mission to fill your closet with nsfw t shirts and funny novelty tee shirts that are not just garments but pieces of audacious art you can't wait to wear.

So, don this graphic tee and walk into the night, armed with the deadliest weapon of all: a wicked sense of humor.

Premium Adult Humor Shirts featuring Original Designs And Premium Ink

Step into a world where dark humor jokes mesh seamlessly with premium comfort. Dodo Tees presents the Chloroform Sleepy Time Offensive T-Shirts. Crafted with high-quality inks and materials, our nsfw clothing feature a side-seamed construction for that perfect fit, soft fabric for ultimate comfort, and a distressed printing style that adds an edge to your wardrobe. Our mission is to craft the adult humor shirts you'll always reach for – those that feel like a second skin, yet scream originality.

Get A Funny Novelty Tee Shirt For Free

With every purchase of three women's or men's graphic t-shirts, the fourth comes free! Dive into our collection and mix and match between sarcastic t shirts, medical humor t shirts, funny novelty tee shirts and any other genre you wish. Remember, all graphic tees need to purchased at the same time and sent to the same address.

Dark Humor Gifts For Him That Push The Boundaries

Searching for dark humor gifts for him? The Chloroform Shirt stands unparalleled. Not just a tee, but a statement of bold, unapologetic dark humor, these are the ultimate gag gifts for men. With their clever designs and witty punchlines, our sarcastic tees serve as perfect conversation starters or party hits. They're not just humor tees; they're icebreakers.

Find Your Perfect Dark Humor Shirts Size

Worried about finding the right size dark humor shirts? Our sizing chart is your roadmap to the perfect fit. Our funny tee shirts are true to size, pre-shrunk, and designed to flatter. With side-seamed construction, they promise a superior fit that contours to your body, blending comfort, durability, and style seamlessly. For those who prefer a bit more wiggle room, sizing up is your ticket to comfort. Available in sizes S-3XL, our nsfw t shirts are where quality meets bold humor.

Free Shipping on All Offensive Tee Shirts For Men

Wave goodbye to shipping woes with our offensive tee shirts for men. Enjoy complimentary shipping across the continental United States, with no minimum orders to worry about. We haven't forgotten about our international fans either; we strive to keep global shipping costs as low as the chances of getting a straight answer from a politician. Your next favorite funny adult shirts are just an order away, wherever you are on the globe.

Our Funny Adult Shirts Come With A Guarantee

We stand by our graphic t shirts for men and women with a 30-day-no-questions-asked guarantee. The Chloroform Sleepy Time funny adult shirts are a pact between us and you, promising a journey filled with laughter, comfort, and unwavering style. Please note, returns should find the shirts unsoiled, unwashed, and unaltered, with the buyer covering the return shipping.

Embrace the dark, indulge in comfort, and let the laughter roll with Dodo Tees.

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