Amazon 122 Car Shirt

Color: Heather Canvas Red


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Shift Your Wardrobe Into High Gear With The Amazon 122 Car Shirt

The Amazon 122 Car Shirt from Dodo Tees isn't just a car graphic tee; it's a wearable piece of Swedish motoring history. A tribute to the iconic 1956 to 1970 Amazon 122 coupe that still turns heads on every boulevard and backroad.

Crafted with the care and detail that Swedish engineers put into every vehicle, our automobile t-shirts are made with preshrunk, soft fabric that hugs your frame as cozily as a bucket seat hugs its driver. With premium inks and materials, each graphic tee features an original design that's as crisp as a drive through the Swedish countryside in autumn.

For those who live and breathe cars, this automotive streetwear is the missing piece in your ensemble. It's the comfort you need when you're going full throttle and the style that shows you've got more under the hood when it comes to fashion sense.

Calling all petrolheads and weekend wrench warriors! This is the car enthusiast clothing you've been waiting for. Whether you're tuning up your classic beauty or taking a leisurely drive through the fjords, you'll feel right at home in our mens graphic tees.

And for those searching for the ultimate car guy gifts, you can park your worries and end your search here. Dodo Tees is the tshirt store where you'll find the perfect fit for the motor enthusiast in your life. Plus, navigate your way to a fantastic deal: pick up any three graphic tees and the fourth is yours, gratis!

Available in Heather Canvas Red, and spanning sizes from S to 3XL, these tees are ready to roll right to your door with free shipping in the continental United States. So, buckle up and get ready to wear a piece of automotive excellence.

These are the gifts for car lovers that fuel stories, ignite passions, and keep the legacy of the Amazon 122 alive with every wear. Don't just drive—arrive in style with Dodo Tees.

Premium Car T Shirts

Crafted with high-quality inks and materials that promise to endure as many washes as there are miles on a well-travelled classic automobile, our car t shirts are side-seamed for that perfect fit. Think of it as the snug embrace of a seatbelt when you’re cruising down Sweden’s scenic byways. Soft fabric? As comforting as the purr of the 1.8-liter B18, a sound as delightful as the laughter of friends gathered around a midsummer bonfire.

Get Free Automotive Streetwear

Now, here’s a deal that will have you hitting the throttle: Purchase any three of our cool graphic tees, and you’ll find a fourth one tucked into your shipment, absolutely free. That’s right, mix and match your automotive streetwear with other genres, and it’s like finding an unexpected shortcut on your favorite driving route.

Gifts For Car Lovers That'll Get Their Hearts Racing

And for those of you looking to gift the motoring enthusiast in your life, look no further. The Amazon 122 Car Shirt is the quintessential car guy gifts, a nod to their passion that's as spot-on as a well-tuned carburetor. Our tshirt store is brimming with gifts for car lovers that'll get their hearts racing faster than a downhill sprint on the Stelvio Pass.

Automotive Streetwear Sizing

Concerned about fit? Our automobile t-shirts are true to size, preshrunk to ensure that the fit you feel in the dressing room is the fit you enjoy after many a ride through the laundry cycle. Our unique t-shirts for men are the epitome of automotive streetwear, crafted with a side-seamed construction that promises a flattering modern look, hugging your contours like the leather seats of a classic car.

Our Car Enthusiast Clothing Comes With Free Shipping

We at Dodo Tees believe that great style should be as accessible as an open road, which is why our car enthusiast clothing comes with free shipping within the continental United States. And fret not, international friends – we ship our automobile t-shirts worldwide, striving to keep those shipping costs lower than a sportscar’s center of gravity.

Dodo Tees Car Graphic Tees Comes With A 30-day-Guarantee

Finally, our car graphic tee collection comes with a 30-day-no-questions-asked guarantee, a promise as steadfast as a lighthouse guiding you through a foggy night. The Amazon 122 Car Shirt is a piece you'll treasure, guaranteed to remain in your wardrobe rotation longer than the longest day in Swedish summer.

So there you have it, my friends. Whether you’re driving under the Northern Lights or simply dreaming of fjords, let the Amazon 122 Car Shirt from Dodo Tees accompany you on that journey. It's more than a tee; it's a token of an era when cars were as full of character as the stories they helped create.

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