1891 Toilet Paper Roll Patent Dad T Shirt

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This Funny Dad Shirt Is Steeped In Scatological Humor

This isn't just any funny dad shirt; it's a history lesson for the ages, featuring the original Toilet Paper Roll Patent. Sporting the original blueprint of the lifesaver that's been unrolling relief since 1891, this dad tee shirt is for the man who appreciates the finer points of posterior pampering. It’s a fathers day shirt that says, “I’m the king of the throne, and I’ve got historical backup.” Before the almighty paper roll came to save the day, mankind resorted to everything from corn cobs to communal sponges (talk about a real bonding experience), but now you can pay homage to the grand dispenser of dignity in style.

Our retro vintage t-shirts are not just fabric; it's buttery soft fabric that feels like your favorite four-ply on a tender tushie, preshrunk to fit like a glove, with premium inks that last longer than that meatloaf you've been digesting since Tuesday. Elevate your style with this engineering shirt, because let's face it, Seth Wheeler, the inventor of the toilet paper roll with tear-off sheets is the real MVP.

Need gifts for boyfriend that show you care about his comfort and his backside? Done. On the hunt for mens gifts that'll get him geared up for a laugh? Look no further. This tee is the pinnacle of funny gifts for dad that might just make him crack a smile while he's cracking the porcelain.

If you're in the market for white elephant gifts that'll be the talk of the party or you want to add to your arsenal of good poop shirts, this shirt is a slam dunk. It's full of bathroom humor and scatological humor for the guy who doesn't mind a little toilet talk with his wardrobe.

From inappropriate t shirts that don't disappoint to classic dad clothes that's more than just a layer of fabric, it's a nod to the man who knows his way around a toolbox and a bathroom stall. And if you're stocking up the dad shop, snag this gem to keep him covered.

So, gear up, crack a cold one, and salute the roll with Dodo Tees, where every purchase is a high-five to history and hygiene. Get it in Blue, Black, White, and Charcoal, with sizes S-3XL to hug every dad bod curve. Remember, buy any 3, and the 4th one rolls out to you for free. Shipping's on us in the continental United States, so roll out the red carpet for your new favorite tee!

Our Dad Tee Shirts Are A Trophy Of Comfort

Step into a dad tee shirt that redefines swagger with a splash of history. The "1891 Toilet Paper Roll Patent Dad T Shirt" from Dodo Tees isn't your regular drip; it's a torrent of taste and tradition. With high-quality inks and materials, and side-seamed for a fit that'll hug your guns while you flex your funny bone, this is the tee that starts conversations in the john. Soft fabric that caresses you like the most caring of comfort stations, this is the shirt you'll plunder when your closet’s gates unfold. It's not just a mission; it's a promise to make this your go-to garb for all bathroom humor.

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The Ultimate Funny Gifts For Dad

Why's the "Toilet Paper Roll plumber shirt" the treasure chest of funny gifts for dad? Because every time he chuckles at the scatological humor, he'll be the envy of the tool belt brigade. It's a surefire hit for white elephant gifts, boasting the right amount of cheek to be dubbed good poop shirts. For mens gifts that wipe away the boring, or gifts for boyfriend that unclog the heartiest of laughs, this tee is the hero of the half bath.

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Unsure of your size in our plumber shirts? Our sizing chart is the map to your treasure. These pre-shrunk marvels are true to size, crafted for those who commandeer comfort and durability. Our engineering shirts sail the high seas of style with a fit that’s as superior as the finest galleon in the fleet.

Free Shipping On All Dad Clothes

All hands on deck! Our retro vintage t-shirts commandeer the fleet with free shipping across the continental United States. We dispatch our dad clothes to every corner of the globe, always pillaging ways to keep the shipping costs from plundering your pouch.

This Dad Shop Has A 30-Day Return On All Graphic T Shirts

At Dodo Tees, our dad shop isn't a gamble; it's a treasure hunt with a 30-day, no-squawks-asked return policy. The "Toilet Paper Roll Patent shirt" should arrive unsoiled, unwashed, and unchanged, lest you walk the plank of return shipping costs.

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