1776 4th of July Shirt

Color: Heather Charcoal


Solid-color tees are 100% cotton

Heather tees are 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Keep The Torch Of Freedom Lit With A 4th Of July Shirt

Stand tall, fellow patriots, and rally to the banner of freedom with the unyielding 1776 4th of July Shirt from Dodo Tees. This isn't just any old patriotic apparel, it's a battle cry, a bold statement of our unbreakable spirit, echoing the valor that coursed through the veins of our founding fathers when they forged the Declaration of Independence.

Our 1776 clothing is an homage to the audacity of those who stood united against tyranny, who dared to envision a nation conceived in liberty. The thirteen stars encircle that sacred year, 1776, a number emblazoned not just on a patriotic shirt, but etched into the soul of every true American.

Our patriotic t-shirts are crafted for the brave, the free, and the unrelenting. It's for the rugged individualists and the keepers of the flame of liberty. It's not just a men's 4th of July shirt; it's a testament to the heroes who declared, "give me liberty or give me death," and meant every word.

Celebrate the fourth of July with the spirit of the Continental Congress, who, in the sweltering summer of '76, cast off the chains of British dominion to give birth to a nation under the banner of freedom and unity. For our 1776 shirt is a proclamation of those self-evident truths that we hold dear and let it be known that the torch of freedom will be carried forward, undimmed and unwavering.

Our 1776 t-shirt stands as a soft-spoken powerhouse of patriotism, crafted with a buttery soft fabric and tailored with side seams for a modern, contoured fit that moves with the spirit of freedom. The deliberately distressed high-quality ink lends a rugged, worn appearance, evoking the timeless resilience of the American creed. Wearing this tee is not just a style choice but a personal homage to the enduring values forged in the fires of Philadelphia, embodying the essence of liberty that has withstood the tests of time.

With every 1776 tee shirt that graces your back, you're shouldering the legacy of the brave souls who crafted a new world from their courage and their conviction. And in the spirit of that bold move, we deliver these symbols of freedom right to your door with free shipping across the continental United States.

So, to the sons and daughters of liberty, the guardians of the republic, let us unite under the red, white, and blue and wear our 1776 apparel with an unyielding pride that screams to the heavens: We are Americans, fiercely free and forever united by the heroism of our past and the promise of our future.

Celebrate America With Premium Patriotic Apparel

Dodo Tees are crafted with the tenacious spirit of the American Revolution. Our patriotic apparel is a suit of armor for the modern patriot, constructed with side seams that brace against the relentless march of time and tyranny. We commit to quality by selecting only premium materials, ensuring that each graphic tee withstands the rigors of life's adventures while maintaining its form and hue. Our inks are chosen for their resilience, designed to keep the bold, original designs as striking after the hundredth wear as they were the first time you donned them. It's our promise that when you reach into your wardrobe for a Dodo Tee, you're arming yourself with a garment that carries the legacy of liberty and the assurance of enduring craftsmanship.

Score A Free Patriotic Shirt

Buy any three women's or men's graphic tees and we'll give you a fourth tee absolutely free. Whether you're rallying behind 1776 clothing, standing tall in patriotic shirts, or laughing out loud with our funny shirts, the choice is yours. All tees must be purchased together and sent to the same address.

4th Of July Gifts For The Patriotic Soul

Our 1776 tee shirts are a testament to the undying American spirit, making them the ideal 4th of July gifts. Dressed in 1776 apparel, the wearer carries the torch of those who declared independence against all odds. These aren't mere patriotic t-shirts; they're uniforms for the defenders of freedom.

The 1776 T-Shirt Meaning

This 1776 t-shirt is a bold statement of the day we declared our independence, a day we severed ties with tyranny. It's a call to uphold the freedoms of speech, thought, and choice, a reminder that these rights are ingrained in the very fabric of our being, as inseparable from the American identity.

Fourth Of July Shirts Tailored For Patriots

Worried about choosing the wrong size? Do not fear, let our sizing chart be your guide. Our fourth of July shirts are pre-shrunk and side-seamed for a modern fit. If you prefer a looser fit, size up. Sizes S-3XL are available.

Let Freedom Ring With Free Shipping On 1776 Tee Shirts

Freedom knows no bounds, and neither do our 1776 tee shirts. We dispatch them across the continental United States with no charge, because where there's liberty, there's Dodo Tees. For the global patriots, we strive to keep the flames of freedom burning with accessible shipping.

Our 1776 Shirt Comes With A No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

Each graphic t shirt for men and women is backed by a 30-day declaration of satisfaction. Should you want to return the shirt, that is your right. All that we ask is that the 1776 shirt remain unaltered, unwashed and unworn. The buyer pays for the return shipping.

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